Retrofit LED Tube Lights Installed for FREE!

Installed under the VEET Scheme (Victoria only)

FREE LED replacements for Fluorescent T8 Tubes! Installed Free under the VEET scheme in Victoria only. Call Now

LoveLED are now offering LED Tube Lights installed for FREE under the VEET scheme.

Available in 2.4 or 5 foot tubes, we install your new tubes to replace old T8 fluorescent lights.

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Here at LoveLED we are very excited to announce we can now install your LED replacements for T8 Fluorescent Lighting Tubes for FREE!

Yes,your first 120 LED Tube units and their installation for FREE in Victoria under the VEET scheme. After the 120 LED tubes are installed, customers pay only $250 for a complete lighting assessment or “Lumen Report”, and then we’ll continue to install an unlimited number of LED replacements for fluorescent tubes!

Conditions: FREE LED Tubes and Installation is available in air-conditioned, common areas only – for retrofit installation in other areas we offer our services for $2.50 per tube, installed. Since we are utilising the VEET scheme, this offer is available only to customers in Victoria, primarily in the Melbourne CBD.

If you are concerned you may not meet these requirements, please call us today for an accurate quote for your LED Tube Light Installation.


About our LED “tubes”…

Our LED tube lights are manufactured to meet current Australian standards, are completely Lead-Free, and Mercury-Free, and come complete with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. These LED tube modules fit the same form factor as currently available 2.4 and 5 foot standard T8 fluorescent light systems. This means that all standard “magnetic ballast” fluorescent lights can be retro-fitted with our Energy saving units.

Available in 3 industry standard colours, providing the correct “temperature” of light (measured in Kelvin), from cool to natural to warm colour (blueish, through natural white, to a more yellowish light colour).

Traditional Fluorescent tubes are made of thin glass filled with mercury vapour gas and phosphor powder – a significant workplace or residential hazard if mishandled or disposed of improperly. If broken, they release the mercury phosphor powder in an explosive fashion, particles may become airborne and inhalation may be a problem. Small shards of glass can spread over an area of several metres if falling from a height, posing further risk and time to safely clean up and dispose of.

Benefits of LED tubes

Our LED tube light replacements not only save massive amounts of energy while in operation, but are also 100% Mercury-Free and Lead-free under ROHS standards compliance. If LED tubes are mishandled or disposed of carelessly, they pose almost no risk to the consumer. This factor alone poses significantly reduction in home and workplace injury and expense for consumers and commercial employees alike.

LED tubes also have “flicker-free” operation which reduces eye-strain and headaches which have been observed among many people working under traditional fluorescent lights due to their power cyclic rate.


FAQ's about the VEET Scheme and LoveLED's Involvement

What is the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme?

The VEET scheme is a Victorian Government initiative promoted as the Energy Saver Incentive. It commenced on 1 January 2009 and is administered by the Essential Services Commission (ESC). The scheme was established under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007 and is administered in accordance with the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Regulations 2008.

The VEET scheme is designed to make energy efficiency improvements more affordable, contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, and encourage investment, employment and innovation in industries that supply energy efficiency goods and services.

Under the scheme, accredited businesses can offer discounts and special offers on selected energy saving products and appliances installed at homes, businesses or other non-residential premises. The bigger the greenhouse gas reduction, the bigger the potential saving.

LoveLED has partnered with Priority Group Australia Pty Ltd (an accredited party under the VEET Scheme) to help our customers save money and energy for minimal cost.

What does LoveLED offer through the VEET scheme?

LoveLED provides homes and businesses with energy saving products that assist with reducing energy costs. The products and there installation are in response to the Government’s introduction of the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme.

Our Energy Efficiency Team consists of certified Grade A Electricians who visit homes and businesses and offer the free installation of products that can help save energy.

LoveLED also offers new energy efficient LED lighting exchange program in conjunction with the VEET scheme. Customers can take advantage of these programs by calling 03 94161122

Do I need to manage any of the paperwork for the VEET scheme?

The Victorian Energy Efficient Target (VEET) Scheme is not a rebate scheme, but it can save you or your organisation money. It works by allowing accredited persons, to create certificates when they help you make energy efficient improvements to your premises.

Each certificate, known as a Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate, or VEEC – represents one tonne of greenhouse gasses abated. These certificates can be sold and the money accredited by the business can go towards a discount on the product or appliances that have already been installed.

LoveLED has partnered with Priority Group Australia Pty Ltd. (an accredited party under the VEET Scheme) to help our customers save money and energy for minimal cost.


For more information about the scheme please visit


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The VEET program allows each and every home in Victoria to benefit.

Lighting Installation Process:

Light Colour

  • LED light can be a slightly different color, ours is a warm white.
  • In particular, old halogen down lights can produce a yellow light.
  • Please let us know if light colour is a major issue for you.

VEET Discount

  • The lights and installation are FREE!
  • You will not be charged for any work we undertake under the VEEC scheme.


  • Lights will need to be turned off during installation
  • People cannot work within 3m of the install area
  • Liaise with our installers about when areas are required for use


  • For various reasons we may not be able to retrofit an existing light fitting without undertaking additional work.
  • Please confirm we can proceed with an installation based on our standard variations.
  • Non-standard variations will be discussed with the customer before work proceeds.

Completion & Paperwork

  • To accept a installation just sign the tablet or phone provided.
  • You will be required to sign VEET scheme paperwork/Tablet/Phone to confirm the install has been completed.
  • We will email the following on completion of an installation:
    • Tax Invoice (Totalling Zero Dollars for the work done)
    • VEET Assignment Form (government paperwork)