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LED Signage Solutions

Turn-Key Solutions for Commercial LED Signage.

About LoveLED

LOVE LED is a 100% Australian owned and operated company based in Brunswick East  Melbourne, Victoria.

We offer a diverse range of LED signage and digital signage for Small to Medium Enterprise, Commercial and Industrial usage.Our extensive research and development, high quality products and strong commitment to service form the cornerstone of our business. It is because of this that each of our products are accompanied by a full 3 year replacement warranty. Our products are of the highest quality, our prices are competitive and our service is efficient. Due to the Australian location of our warehouse, we guarantee efficient delivery and quality after-sale service.

LED Signage is growing in popularity in Australia and for reasons known only to those that have seen great quality LED signs. LoveLED showroom has over 30 examples of LED signage for you to come in and see for yourselves.

What our Customers are saying

Testimonials & Feedback

Love LED Australia recently completed retrofitting of Eureka Skydeck's Signs with Energy Efficient LED Signage.Gainsville Furniture VEET Scheme FREE LED Lighting Testimonial

“I had my entire house converted to LED’s through LoveLED and the VEET scheme and i paid $0.00! The color of the light is perfect if not better then before and the electricians were respectful and easy going”


“45 Downlights in 1 hour ZERO Dollars, Thanks for coming guys”


“88 Downlights in 2 hours, best part of the VEET scheme I have ever seen!”


“At first I wasn’t really sure then I jumped on facebook and so many people on our community page had said positive things about the people doing the work and the quality of the light, 21 lights later and I’m better off”